En respuesta al senador Rand Paul

Eduardo Castillo

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Analista Político de la "Estrategia de Estados Unidos para Centroamérica" y "BUILD Act" donde los migrantes sean activos contables e inversionistas que califiquen a migración por mérito al ayudar a generar buena gobernanza, seguridad y justicia en su país de origen. Empresario de remesas familiares. Coach de auditoria social, rendición de cuentas, defensa migratoria y soluciones bilaterales.

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Por Guillermo Castillo

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Quoting you Senator Rand Paul: “Every nation has a right to sovereignty! Guatemala has a right to decide if it wants the UN to interfere in its internal affairs. CICIG was never supposed to last all these years. Additionally, the United States has funded CICIG for far too long. Time to stop that too!”(twitter January 8,2019).


My answers are:


“If you talk about “Sovereignty”, let’s Cut U.S. Aid for Plan Prosperity, CACIF, FUNDESA, OPIC and  PRONACOM. Your interference @Rand Paul weakens the Rule of Law and Justice in #Guatemala and will generate thousands of migrants and caravans to U.S. southern border. Are you ready to explain @POTUS and @realDonaldTrump”


“Sovereignty” of “we the people” to respect court orders and Rule of Law. Even @realDonaldTrump @POTUS respects court rulings. What makes you think that the President of a Third World country #Guatemala can’t comply with it? We all have to follow the law.


Sovereignty of “we the people”, not narcogovernment of #Guatemala of President Jimmy Morales that received illicit financing from the Ghost extradited and aliens in U.S that did not comply with @IRS. Is that ok @RandPaul?


“Let’s compromise #BuildTheWall @RandPaul while we #BuildTheRuleofLaw in #Guatemala. See migrants as assets and not liabilities. If you are serious about border security and reducing migration, help us get it done”.


Legal immigration by merit. Kentuckians voted for @RandPaul  and expect secure U.S. border first and cut U.S. AID plus #BuildTheWall  but weakening the #RuleOfLaw and court decisions in #Guatemala will generate migration to U.S. southern border.


“CACIF, PRONACOM and FUNDESA are taking you for a fool, they cannot create jobs or Rule of Law in Huehuetenango, Quiche, San Marcos that at the end migrate to Kentucky. I guess @RandPaul is in for more Guatemalan neighbors. Kentuckians will love it when they have to deal with education, health and security of migrants”


“The Ghost will haunt the narcogovernment of President Jimmy Morales . @RandPaul  explain to @POTUS @realDonaldTrump why you unsecure the border and helped the narcogovernment of #Guatemala destroy the Rule of law?


Tea Party, Kentuckians, Masons should be asking why @RandPaul is helping the Bad Hombres of President Jimmy Morales push migrants to U.S. @TPPatriots #NuestraVozCuenta #NoAlMoralazo


Message is too weak. Corruption and impunity generates migration. Let’s secure the border.  #BuildTheWall and #BuildTheRuleOfLaw in Guatemala by supporting CICIG. Good governance and prosperity don’t come easy, but we are doing or best to help reduce immigration.